Introducing: Iridium™

Consider a whole new world of possibilities with Iridium™, FlitchTech's secure and adaptable data integration ecosystem.


Connect and consolidate multiple disparate data sources including SQL Server, Cloud Hosted Applications, REST API's, Visitor Management Systems, and Access Control.


Configure custom business logic and dynamic data transformations, and realise the power of fully automated data synchronisation.


Gain new analytical insight into building usage and occupancy, as well as data quality & retention metrics.

We Are FlitchTech

We have over 35 years of experience in the physical security industry. In this time we’ve specialised in providing database services to customers in need of bespoke solutions. Whether it be custom reporting, database cleansing, integrating Access Control systems to centralised databases, or designing enterprise-level security platforms, we pride ourselves on providing solutions where others can’t.

A True Security Integrator

Few companies in the physical security space have access to a Professional Services team that can develop customer specific interfaces or analytics. That’s why FlitchTech work in collaboration with integrators to help deliver the extra functionality that makes a system work for the client’s needs.

Industry Leading Support

Having Enterprise level functionality is nothing if it’s not backed up by support of the same calibre. At FlitchTech we have a long pedigree of exceptional support and industry recognised Professional Services.

Meet The Team

With over 35 years of combined experience in the security industry, we have a fountain of knowledge on the FlitchTech leadership team. So we're ready to answer any questions you might throw at us.

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