Analytics & Reporting

Data is only as useful as the analytics that support it and we’re experts in presenting analytical and statistical data in a user-friendly way.

With our years of industry experience we’ll help you tease out the nuance in the information that is collected by your physical security systems. Presented in the right way, you’ll be able to deep dive into limitless detail helping you to see how your systems are being used and how they can be optimised.

Take A Step Back

Avoid running basic reports at a low, system specific level.

Gain valuable insight into the health and inner workings of your systems by adopting a more integrated, top-down approach to reporting.

Show events, occupancy, and key metric data collated from all of you systems, in a single dashboard.

We can author custom reports and dashboards to meet your individual needs and even manage your report scheduling for you, as well as working with you to devise bespoke pattern and trend analysis.

Unprecedented Analytical Insight

Powerful multi-dimensional Cube Data Modelling enables users to aggregate and analyse data from all of their connected systems in a way that standalone Access Control Systems simply cannot facilitate.

Use IridiumTM to gain overarching analytical insight to the numerous systems that may make up a multi-site or multi-national estate.

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