Access Control Migration

In a world where security vulnerabilities are increasingly being exploited by nefarious actors, I.T. compliance and product support has never been more important. This is especially true in the security industry and in particular, Access Control due to the abundance of personally identifiable data it stores, and the secure areas that it is designed to protect.

Many access control products are now out of support with either their manufacturers, or with the providers of the third party platforms that they’re often built upon, such as Microsoft Operating System support. This introduces a huge risk to a business.
We all remember the WannaCry ransomware attack on the NHS which was only made possible due to the unsupported Windows XP machines still in use.

However, despite the enormous risks of dragging along unsupported platforms, the logistical impact of switching such a mission critical service such as Access Control from one system to another has often been a barrier to users brining their systems up to date.

Historically users would have to adopt a ‘big bang’ approach where they may have to:

  • Enter vast amounts of cardholder and system configuration data manually into the new system (introducing the potential for human error)
  • Implement a long, obstructive change freeze to avoid data integrity issues
  • Duplicate data entry into two systems that are running in parallel for an extended period
  • Straddle two systems in order to monitor their estate

Flitch Technical Services can mitigate all of these pain points by:

  • Cleansing the old access control system data
  • Programmatically importing the cleansed data into the new access control system
  • Integrate the legacy access control system to the new system to ensure that cards only need be entered on to one of the systems
  • Provide centralised reporting services that can interlace data from the old system and the new

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